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Travel in Virginia is all about LOVE – pure and simple. Always has been. Always will be. When you think about it, that’s what travel is all about – being together and sharing good times, doing those things you love to do.  And there’s no better place to do that than Virginia.

Virginia is a place that engages all the senses – and maybe the sense that is making the most news these days is taste. Now with more than 230 wineries, Virginia is one of the world’s top emerging wine destinations. The wines are winning awards and the wineries themselves are fun places to visit. Virginia food is also at the top of its game, with superb restaurants and food sources including artisanal cheese makers, oyster regions and of course food festivals in nearly every corner of the Commonwealth.

Virginia’s rich history is on display during the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War and Emancipation. The state’s new LINCOLN Movie Trail combines movie magic with American history.

While here, discover the cultural heritage of roots music and craftsmanship in Virginia through Heartwood: Southwest Virginia’s Artisan Gateway. You’ll hear the sound of guitars, fiddles, banjoes and mandolins echo through the mountainsides and valleys while potters, weavers and luthiers turn out beautiful works.

Spend time with us and you’ll discover why love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation.

Top Five reasons to visit:

Sun and Sand – Virginia’s 3,000 miles of coastline is a haven for family fun and excitement.

Bottles and Plates – more than 230 wineries, 50 craft breweries and seven different oyster regions make Virginia a palate pleaser.

Artists and Artisans – Live music venues and festivals and artisan trails connect you with Virginia traditions.

History and Heritage – Virginia is home to eight American presidents with more compelling stories than meets the eye.

Friends and Neighbors – a visit to one of Virginia’s classic small towns is like a trip back home. Everyone seems to know you.

Plan your visit today at www.Virginia.org/groups

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